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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting through the day on holiday's

I wanted the red bag and i also wanted to get the red 'peep toe' shoe to go with it. Then there was that cute red hat and scarf to match, i was all out to get them. I was already running out of cash because i had gotten some clothing already and i just remembered i that forgot my credit card at home. Seriously i needed to do something fast, though i am a Medical student i had to act like an 'Economist'. I did settle down to write my scale of preference, to be able to choose the needed one's. I was done with the 'economics' thing and now left with the red shoe and bag. I had to let go of the scarf, though very painful it was i headed straight to the cashier's desk and paid for my items, then i left the boutique.
I was already at my apartment door when i realized i had misplaced my keys. My mind was in turmoil while i tried to remember the possible places i could have left it. Then it struck me that i had gone to Kemi's house that day, as i was still trying to figure it out she called and told me that i left my keys with her. I was contemplating on whether to go over and get it or wait for her to bring it. Anyway, i rushed off to her house and when i Got there she was out to shop. I know what you are thinking but it was my fault, my battery was FLAT no way she could have reached me. So i had to wait for her to come back and when she finally did, i took my keys and left for my apartment. By the time i got home i was tired, i needed a hot bath to calm my weak muscles down. I headed for the bathhouse, the water was so calming that i didn't want to get out of the bath tub. I stayed in the tub ind went into a deep thought, i thought to myself 'is this how my day would keep going till the holiday ends?' the answer was obvious and glaring, immediately i regained myself. I looked at the wall clock and it was already past 7 o'clock PM so I stood up dried, my body and wore my night gown. I had just realized i was hungry so i went straight to the kitchen to fix dinner for myself. I made french toast and German sauce, i had almost forgotten my juice, i went back to get it and i was on my way to the dinning table.
In less than one hour i was done with dinner and so i cleared the plates and went straight to the sitting room. I turned the television on and started watching 'Disney channels', i remembered i hadn't checked my mail and so i got them into the sitting room. My mum actually wrote me and at least that was something to be happy about, with that i continued watching television and more......However, for some reason i wasn't feeling dizzy or sleepy, i looked at the clock it was to 12 o'clock AM. Though it was past my bed time but....i just noticed i was dozing on the couch, i stood up turned off the television, all switches in the house and went to bed. As i was lying on my bed i prayed for the next day to be better than to day and with that i slept off.........................
till another time


You are the love of my life
The one that take's my pain and strife.
I wake up with the thoughts of you in my heart,
I wonder what the day will be like without you in it.

Just like the moon stands out at night,
Outstanding you are in my world.
So that when i look into your eyes,
What i see is paradise.

You've captured my wondering heart,
That everyday i hold your thoughts more.
No one can ever take your place,
This for sure is a motion that cannot be raised.

A special aboard for you in my heart,
A bond that force can't thwart.
I wish in my world you could stay entrapped,
Never to be stolen by no one else....

be right back for the next one.........stay blessed