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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Modesty protects the intimate center of a person, it means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden. It guides how one look at others and behaves towards them in conformity with the dignity of a person and their solidarity. With modesty in mind and heart, comes a lot of things to a person that is conscious of it. It carries you along the shackles of daily temptations, encourages patience and moderation in loving relationships. It inspires your choice of clothing, it is discreet and Modesty is decency. As i write this, i am surprised at how much i sound like a Bible toting conservative. I am not. I only consider myself a responsible adult and person who finds most of fashion trend absurd and funny. It makes me question the decency of fashion, when did it grow out of fashion to be decent? why are we teaching our children and tomorrow's leaders that it is acceptable to be tasteless, unkind and to be without value.
So many designers in vogue now has really crossed the limit of decency with their latest designs. Is it really worth it? women now walk around half or even totally naked in the name of fashion even African women whom it is not in their nature to go nude publicly are also guilty of the same crime. Should we not talk about the Biblical aspect that 'when a woman wear's improper clothing, she is sinning against God'? Modesty in fashion is not just a one way thing, mean also are involved but since am a woman i will simply address d issue concerning women.
Many a time we get stuck in front of our mirrors and seem to be asking ' How tight is tight?, how short is short'? instead of our questions to be 'what is suitable and comfortable yet attractive', what will keep my dignity and integrity intact'?. It is natural for us as women to want to adorn ourselves but end we end up forgetting and loosing the sense of dressing and essence of adornment and get ourselves adorned with 'provocative' clothing purposely intended to entice and seduce men. Men are attracted to women forms by of course mostly outer appearance no doubts, but showing ''ours'' off purposely isn't being modest. When we flaunt all that has being given to us, we forget that somethings are precious and valuable therefore, deserves protection. Modesty as a virtue is not limited to clothing or fashion alone but other aspects of our lives and i will be back to discuss the next topic on modesty......
See you soon