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Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning

WHAT!!!! its 6:34am and i just woke up. Its going to be a bad day i thought to myself. I woke up late for school, it was a Monday morning. My morning always goes like this wake up by 5:00am, shower for 30 minutes-5:30, dress up(of course y'all know 1 hour), arrange my books and stuffs together in my bag pack, that takes like one hour-7:00am. Then i start reading till 7:45am......i was already wondering how i was gonna finish all and leave for school when i realized it was 7:00am.

I rushed off to the bath house, it was one of the worst bath i have ever had in a while. I went back to my room, dressed up but while i was dressing up, i had to start putting my wares(books, pen and other stuffs) together so that when am done getting dressed i would only have to put them in my bag. It was 8:00 by the time i was done. I went straight to put my shoes on and hurried off. I tried getting a taxi but none was forthcoming.

When i got to the bus station, the bus was filled up so i had to wait for the next one....Oops!!!8:15am.... 8:30, the bus finally came and i hopped in. It took the bus like 25 minutes to get to my destination and i was so angry with myself for waking up late. I know what y'all are thinking ''is she not late yet?'' no but in the next five minute i will be. I hurriedly got off the bus and ran into the department, looked through for my classroom number on the notice board and with that i left for my class. It was, i thought to myself 'this morning isn't a good one'. The rest of the day went almost well but i scaled through. Soon, it was 3:00pm and i was again on my way home and.....
BE BACK NEXT TIME ......!!!!Read and enjoy